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Fruit Machines

Fruit machines were invented in the late 19th century and since then they’ve become a part of British culture. These days, fruit machines enjoy popularity not only in Great Britain, but also all over the globe. Like any other casino game fruit slots also have some specific features and peculiarities.

The Background of Fruit Slots

The principle idea behind fruit machines was first introduced to the public in 1887, when a Charles Fey invented a mechanic device named the Liberty Bell. The first machine has three reels and was very much the same as modern slots. The luckiest players also got payouts when the right combination of symbols happened. Of course, those payouts were not much and were equal to 50 cents. With years the earlier machines were much improved. Their success was evident and practically every casino all over the globe started to offer slot gambling.

Fruit Slot Principles

Probably it is impossible to find a gambler who has never tried to beat the fruit machine at least once. The principles of its work are so simple that there is no need to learn them before playing. Modern fruit machines are represented by 3 or more reels with numbers and symbols. The main aim of the game is to get identical symbols across the display (if it is a 3 reels machine, then the number of those symbols should be three; if it is 5 reels machine – five identical symbols, etc.). The game starts when a player inserts some coins into the machine and spins the reels. When the reels stop, all of the symbols are there and you can immediately see whether you win or not. Simple as that!

Fruit Machine Features

Like any other game, fruit slots have their own features. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they differ much from other slots’ features. Thanks to them, fruit machines are so entertaining to gamble, so you are should definitely get acquainted with them.

Let’s have a brief overview of the key features that a player finds playing fruit slot machines.

Hold is characteristic for all fruit machines as well as for some slot machines. Here it is important to underline that just because a slot game includes this feature it doesn’t mean that it automatically belongs to a fruit machine.

Gamble Feature is a special feature that is activated right after a win. As a rule, it gives a gambler an opportunity to play higher (lower) in a double (quits) bet.

Cash Ladder is a characteristic feature of all fruit machines. It appears when a gambler wins letting him to hit a button and stop Cash Ladder on a prize.

Bonus Trail or Bonus Board is a feature that once activated provides a gambler with an opportunity to win bonuses, for instance free rounds, free spins, 3x the winnings and so on.

Hidden Features are not typical for all fruit machines, but many of them have them. Generally everything depends on a machine you’ve chosen.

Cash Pots can be found on some fruit machines as well. It means that the sum in the cash pot is not fixed. Players can see it climbing on the machine after every game played. It is very much alike a progressive jackpot.

Nudge is essential feature on any fruit machine. Basically it means that a gamer are awarded some nudges (as a rule, up to three nudges) and thus, can nudge round his choice of reels, so that he could create his winning combination.

Repeats are a feature that is present on the majority of fruit machines. When a gambler wins or gets his free spins this feature flashes “yes” or “no”.

Places to Play Slot

Fruit machines can be found practically in every land-based casino Mega Fortune slot as well as in pubs and arcades. But if you don’t feel like going out you can always enjoy the game sitting at home in your favorite sleepers thanks to the online world. The Internet is flooded with web sites offering to gamble fruit machines any time you want. They are presented there in a wide variety of choices with different designs, payouts and bonuses. Generally online casinos offer a bit higher payout percentages, so professional gamers prefer to play online rather than visiting land-based gambling halls. Besides that online casinos have to do their best to remain competitive on the market, so they often provide special offers for new clients. Those offers vary from a casino to a casino and it means that you have more choices to increase your profits.