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Slots Glossary

It goes without saying that slot games have already become the most chosen gambling activities. That is the reason why slot machines are available in such a variety in every casino all over the globe. The experienced software developers have gone even further making slots games a part of the online world. Their invention makes it possible for modern gamers play slots any time they want no matter where they are. Of course, slot games have nothing in common with a complex gambling experience; however there are there a couple of terms every beginner should understand, so that he knows exactly what to do when gambling slots. Basically, there about forty terms you are to remember, but before that you should find out a little bit about the game itself.

When starting gambling, you need to choose how many lines you would like to bet on. You should also think of the amount you would like to bet on every line. After that you are ready to spin the reels. Generally beginners get confused because each slot machine is based on different reel symbols, besides there are slots that offering their own ways to present the pay-lines. What really helps in such a situation is a special button you can click and automatically get an access to the information regarding symbols players need, about combinations that pay out, and the amount of payout percentage.

Action is the certain bet the gambler makes in some definite period.

Bank is known to be the slot row of machines. As a rule, the slot machines in the row are of the same type or with similar slot games provided.

Bonus Feature is the notion that mostly refers to bonus slot machines. A combination starts the bonus feature that gives an opportunity to the gambler to add to the payout. Generally it is about another game play or it may refer to some free bonus spins.

Bonus game is an offer an additional game providing some free spin or this game can be added to the winnings got.

Buy-Your-Pay is a slot machine, which provides a bit more payout options in case a gambler decides to play maximum coins. The point is that gambling one coin just activates one set of so-called winning combos, when gambling maximum coins unlocks much more.

Carousel is known as the group of slot machines in the casino.

Changer is the gambling hall attendant who provides some change to players.

Comps are nothing else but rewards provided to gamblers that consists of free hotel rooms, souvenirs, buffets and so on.

Coins Size is a certain unit of measure or the coin value accepted by the slot machine.

Credit Button is the term that refers to classic slot machines and video machines. It is a certain button that gives gamblers a chance to bank some coins as credits.

Hit is known to be the slang term for a win.

Hold is nothing else but the percentage, which are paid out in wins by the house. Generally modern slot machines offer a payout percentage of about 96% - 98%; and such a case the hold is from two to four percents.

Hopper is the term referring to the coins that are held inside the slot gambling machine. Of course, the hopper is a part of the land-based casino world. The moment the hopper is full, and the machine has some surplus, the casino takes it as its profit.

Loose Slot Machine is term refers to every slot machine, which is paying off; thus, it gives the house some small benefit over the gambler.

Max Bet is the maximum coins (credits) that can be gambled per one spin. There are some slots that require a player make the max bet qualify for the offered jackpot.

Pay Line is the line with symbols located in the center of the machine.

Pay Table is a special section of every slot machine, which includes all necessary information about the payoffs for every winning combination of symbols and bonuses.

Payout Percentage is known as the amount of each bet inserted to a slot gambling machine that is rewarded to the player as a payout or win.

Progressive Jackpot is referred to certain slot machines. Choosing those machines a player has a chance to with a really big prize as a potential jackpot always increases with every played coin.

Progressive Slots is a class of slot machines offering a growing jackpot. It means that the final jackpot depends on the money, which has been gambled in all machines of the class. Once some player wins a jackpot, it is reset again to the low level. Then it begins to grow again with every coin gambled.

Rain on Roof is the name of the coins’ sound when they fall clattering on the metal bin.

Reels are a rotating part of a slot machine. Nowadays slots differ as they have a various number of reels. Classic slot machines include only three reels. The slot developers also invented new class of slot machines. These machines have five, seven, nine or even more reels.

Random Number Generator (RNG) is a special micro computer that is inbuilt in a slot machine to spit out different numbers. Basically, such numbers selected randomly correspond to positions on every reel. Thanks to RNG it is impossible to predict the choice of those numbers and build a strategy to win all the time. All players, especially the beginners, should be aware of such random number generator and their real chances to beat the machine.

Slot club is certain club, which makes it possible for the slot players to get the comps.

Slot tournament are special contests organized for club members to gamble against each other. Those tournaments are great as they help players to get more experience and simply find new friends.

Slot Schedule is a schedule that is typically posted on the front side of every slot machine. It offers all necessary information that players need to understand the payouts, bonuses and so on.

Static is the term that refers almost to every slot machine, except for progressive slots. It means a jackpot that does not change as it is fixed.

Staggered Payout is nothing else but a payout chart providing an opportunity to win a jackpot no matter how much money you bet. For example, if you want to win the biggest jackpot playing progressive slot games, you need to make a Max Bet; otherwise you will not be able to hit a jackpot. With a staggered payout at hand, you can play only one coin and still win a jackpot.

Symbols are certain pictures on the reels. They can vary depending on a slot game you choose. Thus, it can be cherries, kiwis, bananas, starts, bars and so on.

Take Cycle is an interesting theory developed by slot fans claiming that no slot machine payouts again right after it has just made such a payout. Of course, with the appearance of the random number generator this theory is nothing but a theory as it’s not working any more.

Tilt is a name for a slots malfunction.

Winning Combinations is a set of definite symbols. When such a winning combination happens, a player wins some prize.

Wild Symbol is a special symbol that substitutes for any symbol and a player can use it to create the combination of symbols he needs.

Zombie is a slang term for a gambler playing at the same slot machine for a long time without switching it to another one.