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Slots Myths

Slots myths are perhaps the most interesting about slots. Slots myths are the issues that were invented by the players themselves and were widely spread in the gambling world. Myth is known to be the popular beliefs that managed to grow around some particular issue.

Thus, alongside the slots secrets, slots myths are considered to be intriguing and not always proven tips partially concerning slot machine strategy, winning slots and slot machine payout, etc.

Myths and facts

Slots myths are known to be disproved by the slots gambling gurus. Thus, there is a range of such slots myths:

Myth 1

  • Some slot machines that have not been hit for some period of time are considered to be “due.”

In fact, Slot machines can never be “due” to repay! It is widely accepted that all combinations that are usually seen on the slots reels are defined by means of the specific program called random number generator. Traditionally, it generates the numbers that are to be correspondent to the combinations shown on the reels. It means that the previous results never have any effect on the following outcomes.

Myth 2

  • After the hitting jackpot the slot machines usually turn out to be “cold.”

In fact, while people consider that the slots turn cold after the pots, it is not quite so. Even after the big jackpots the further results will sure remain random as usual. After the winnings there are both cold and hot streaks that is all.

Myth 3

  • The winning slots combination is hit only in the case the gamer bets one coin.

In fact, RNG cannot know how many coins are played. The point is that the percentage will still remain the same, regardless the amount of played coins. This myth was born due to the fact that a lot of players sometimes experience long cold streaks if betting maximum. Then after switching to 1 coin, they may suddenly win. That is that, the myth is ready!

Myth 4

  • The gamers can win less if they use the club cards.

In fact, again the RNG cannot possibly know that the gamer uses the slot card. Using club cards can make no difference at all.

Myth 5

  • The “jackpot button” can be pushed by the casino operators in order to reward the most loyal gamers.

In fact, indeed the casino operators can do a lot of stuff for the loyal players. They can feed them, provide drinks, tickets, hotel rooms, etc. However, they will not award the jackpots. There is no such device as the controlled by operators “jackpot button.” It would be completely illegal. Everything is done by the RNG, without human interference.