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Hot and Cold Slots

Nowadays there is a quite popular strategy known as hot and cold slots. Probably ever gambler thinks it works most of the time, but actually that is not exactly so. Generally there are those players who still prefer staying on a slot machine being sure that it has to pay because it has been “cold” for some period of time.

In case you belong to players like that, there can be no doubt that you’ve been in the following situation. You are in a casino hall and you’ve been gambling some slot machine for an hour or so and getting some wins. After that it seems as if the slot machine is cold and doesn’t want to pay out any more. However, you keep on gambling since you are sure that the machine will start paying anytime. Of course, want to believe that the slot must let you win after all the beating you have already taken.

Basically that is the way an ordinary slot gambler thinks. The problem is that some players are sure that a classical slot machine is programmed to pay back some certain percentage of the bets that have been put into it. But the slot machine does not keep track of losses and wins to provide the necessary payback percentage. The matter is that the odds providing a slot machine with the payback rate are already programmed and a player can do nothing to influence that. Thus, the computer chip makes a decision where exactly the reels are to stop. It means that the chip has a set of symbol numbers on the reels. Of course, nothing can tell the chip to choose these or those numbers and everything depends on some random selection. It goes without saying that in the majority of cases the results are in the casino favor when only a few of them are in a gambler’s favor. That is the reason why the numbers in the casino favor appear much more often and consequently a player loses more often than wins.

The basic principle of the theory can be represented the following way: a gamer is offered to choose a box out of a hundred boxes, knowing that three of them definitely contain cash prizes while the rest are absolutely empty. The gamer may be very lucky and randomly choose the box with a prize in it. However, the probability is only three to one hundred and the gamer must know he will make the wrong choice losing the game. Besides that our gamer will also know that his mistake doesn't affect the probability of winning or losing for the rest of the players.

So, there is no payback "schedule" that slot machines follow and there can be no such thing as "hot" ("cold") slot machines. Every spin depends on other spins, besides the odds remain the same every time.

The good piece of news is that you don’t need any hot or cold slots to beat a casino. Instead of that you need a little bit of luck and a cold mind. The matter is that there are some general rules to follow, so that you could win more regularly or at least not to lose everything you have. As a rule, the more you play the more exciting you become and it becomes difficult for you to keep yourself under control. You begin to lose the last cent and still cannot stop playing. Not to get into such a situation, you should always leave your credit card at home and take with you only that sum of money, which you can afford to spend on gambling. Besides, if you feel like it’s not your day, just stop gambling and refuse the idea of chasing your losses.

Probably the best piece of advice here is to play for fun - not for earning a few dollars. Investing a small amount of money into the game you shouldn’t worry that you lose much and finally be able to enjoy the game. Of course, gambling is always about money but it can also offer you much more than that. It provides much of entertaining moments to share with friends. You should also keep in mind an opportunity to play using some fun mode. The best thing about it is that you can gamble as much as you want and at the same time lose not even a cent.