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Common Slots Myths

There are lots of slots myths which do the rounds in the gambling world. This is quite natural because after all, this is a game of complete chance where there is nothing to control the winning or losing. In such a scenario people have built rules around many misconceptions. Simply because something clicked for somebody at one time, it does not mean that the same is going to be true for every player. The gamblers have lots of superstition with regards to what clicks for them and what not. They know which situations to avoid and which to make the most of. However there is little factual about them.
Separating the slots myths from facts is extremely difficult. This is because these popular concepts have become totally ingrained into the life of a gambler. So much so, that they seem like the truth and nothing but the truth. Here are some of the misconceptions and the actual truth behind these.
You can win another’s jackpot!
One of the common slots myths is that if somebody win a payout immediately after someone else have left the machine, it is actually the winnings of the first person. This simply does not happen, especially nowadays when the system has become completely computerized.
This is especially true for online slots, where the whole system operates solely on software. As an example you may check out something like this page of CasinosOnline.com about online slots casinos, which would give you the general idea. While online slots have many obvious advantages, the real slot machine offers the excitement you’ll hardly ever forget.
In these machines random numbers are generated by the slots which change every moment. So it is simply impossible to predict the result the very next second. So it does not matter who actually is playing. It is 100% luck factor and nothing else.
The more you play higher the chances of win:
Another of the slots myths is that if you find that a machine is not giving payouts for quite a long time, it means that the jackpot is just around the corner. This is nothing but a false concept. One can play all through a day and even the next one and still never hit the payout. It is necessary to remember that it is the computer which is generating the random numbers and it has nothing to do with the number of times one plays on it.
The frequency of coin insertion determines winning chances:
Some people feel that the secret of winning jackpots on the slot machines is the rapid insertion of the coins in the given opening. It is based on that the machine determines whether or not to let somebody win the jackpot. This is nothing but one of the slots myths.
There are definite strategies to win the jackpot in slots:
One needs to clarify from the very first that no amount of planning or strategy development can increase you winnings on the slot machine. These are nothing but big slots myths which have to be cleared away. After all, this is nothing like the card playing or even the various board games where the application of the mind is the prerequisite for winning. In the slot game you are basically doing nothing but are after a mindless pursuit of money via a machine medium which has been programed to provide results.