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Slot Machine Etiquette

Slot machine etiquette is the integral part of effective and safe slots gambling. There are several slot machine etiquette tips that can assist any gamer. The characteristic feature is the fact the slots gaming is pretty solitary activity. That must be taken into consideration in slot machine tips and pieces of advice.

Though slot machine etiquette will not tell the gamers how to win at slots, however, will probably teach good manners, polite behavior and reserve.

Coin cup put on seat or handle

Traditionally, the coin cup that is put on the seat or handle at slots can mean that slot machine is played by another gamer. So it is not vacant for gambling. Perhaps, the current gamer went to the bathroom or take some drinks, get some change, etc. In casinos that use the video slot machines the gamers usually may leave some personal things in front of the slots. It is advisable to respect that and find some other slot machine to gamble.

In the case that the gamer has some business and has to leave for a while, it is advisable to do as quicker as possible. However, at some gambling establishments the casino attendant can easily help in the situation. He may stand near the occupied slots for a while, till the gamer is back. It is possible to tip the attendants to help.

Multiple machines gambling

A lot of gamers like to play several slot machines at a time. Traditionally, they gamble as fast as possible in order not to interfere with the other gamers willing to play at slots, especially in the rush hour. Thus, it is polite in the most crowded times let the others gamble. It is interesting to know that some of the casinos usually have the motto: During busy hours – one slot machine per player! Thus, while gambling at several slots, it is important to be ready to leave one of them if the other player asks. This should always be respected.

Cards left at slots

Sometimes the gamers may forget their cards in slot machines. It is wise to remove the card while inserting the other and put it on the top of the slots. It often happens that the gamer that forgot the card can come back looking for it. By placing the cards of the stranger on the top, the gamer can help him or her to find the card by very fast.

Smoking issues

It is interesting to know that smoking is considered to be quite a controversial issue and as a rule determined by the particular services the gamer actually receives. However, if the gamer is a smoker and plays at casino that allows smoking in the halls, and then it is wise to use the ashtray in order not to litter and interfere in such a way with the other players.