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Online Casino Slot Machine History

The history of slots machines counts over 115 years. The most amazing fact about the game is that though they have experienced many changes and improvements they always were and will be the most popular game. The first version of the slots according to the slot machine history was created in 1891 in Brooklyn. The symbols and winning combinations corresponded to the poker hands. The game costed a nickel and the prizes were not paid out by the machine, instead the player could receive them from the bar tender.

According to the slot machine history, in order to turn the odds of the machine the Ten of spades and Jack of hearts were taken out from the machine.

After that period of slot machine history, the machine called Liberty Bell was invented which takes us closer to the game we know today.The machine had 3 reels with 15 symbols in total. The symbols back then were suits of the cards, horseshoes and a Liberty Bell. There was only one payline and made it possible to make the automatic payout mechanism.

Common symbols of cherry and banana appeared when the machines paid out fruit flavoured chewing gum as prize.

The next period of the slot machine history is the creation of the electro-mechanical slots. The name of the slots then were Money Honey. These machines allowed multiple coin play and jackpots. In addition, electro-mechanical slots were modified with flashing lights, music and loud noises.

The company Bally Manufacturing produced the Dollar Slot machine in 1970's which joined the machines to produce higher jackpots and made the game even more popular.

The Video Slots appeared in 1980 thanks to the Sircoma company. According to the slot machine history, the machines were not liked at first, as the players could not see the spinning reels. But now the video slots are one of the most important versions of the game.

Modern slots accept bills, tickets and cards instead of coins and have more than one game on the same machine. With a major increase in the popularity of the game made it appear at online casinos that feature flash and download roulette versions.

Therefore the game now is gaining more and more popularity and thanks to the easiness of rules and the accessibility of the game it is due to remain popular in the future. Along with the invention of effective card games strategies, such as basic blackjack strategy, there have been attempts to create slots techniques that in fact just help to play systematically. Many of the players that never had the chance to go to the real land-based casino now can play slots any time they wish.