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Reel Slots

There is an astonishing diversity of types of slots nowadays in the world. Since the beginning of history of slots in 1985, when first slot machine Liberty bell was made by Charles Fey, many years have passed and the machines are not the same as they were more than 100 years ago, as they have evolved and changed.

3 reel slots

First slot machine, the Charles Fey’s liberty bell was a 3 reel machine. Liberty bell was a 3 reel slot machine with symbols on them, and that is how most see the classical slot machines.

Because 3 reel slots have only their reels they have less possible outcomes than other slot machines, so slots manufacturers began to make more complicated and interesting slots like 5 reel slot machine.

3 reel slots as well have only one payline.

5 reel slots

As you can guess it is a slot machine with 5 reels, what makes it far more complicated and interesting than 3 reel slot machines. Nowadays 5 reel slots are one of the most popular types of slots. The main reason of such popularity is its balance between complexity and simplicity.

The number of reels is not all that defines the type of the slot machine! 5 reel slots are most popular and can be of any kind. There can be 5 reel video slots, 5 reel progressive slots and 5 reel bonus slots. 5 reel slots are the most popular choice for online slots and for slots tournaments.

On the opposite from 3 reel slots 5 reel slots can have 2,4,5 pay lines or even more! Of course it doesn’t mean that all player’s paylines will be winning ones, but as well it doesn’t mean that players always have to lose. With additional pay lines players have more chances of winning, and this is only meant that players can win and lose at the same time.

9 reel multiline slot machine

More reels! More possibilities! More complex games! 9 reel slots look similar to 3 reel slot machines, but it has 9 reels, that spin completely separately from each other. There are many possible winning combinations with forming three vertical lines, three horizontal lines and/or both diagonals. So much place for a maneuver. You may select as many pay lines to bet on as you want and you can even bet on all lines at one time by simply pressing the “all lines” button.

Choose how many reels do you like more!