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Progressive Slots

For those gamers who are haunting for huge jackpots, the most suitable game in the world is called a progressive slot. Since these slot games provide the greatest amount of possible jackpots, they enjoy wide popularity.

Progressive Slots History

A couple of years ago, when casino games known as the Super Slots had just gained much popularity, the developers started further improvements of their creations that were even more striking. Thus, the Super Slots got new advanced microprocessors. That was the time when the idea of progressive slots arose for the first time. The main principle of these slots is that for each bet made by a player, some small percentage is taken towards a jackpot. Thus, this jackpot will keep on growing till some lucky player manages to hit it.

The key turn in the super slots history happened in 1986 when the developers represented the first slot game that was multi site linked. This new invention was called Megabucks. Since all those slot machines were linked to one and the same jackpot, the prizes were quite impressive. The main point was that slot fans all over the globe played the game and thus contributed to the jackpot, so that the final prize was fantastically high. These days, progressive slot machines have become available in every casino no matter whether it is a land-based or online gambling hall.

How Do Progressive Slots Work?

Basically the notion of progressive slot machines refers to single or multi line games that might have bonuses and can offer additional features. There are progressive slot games, which require that a gambler makes the Max Bet to be able to win the offered jackpot. However, there are those slots that provide players with random progressive jackpots, which can be hit in any case (meaning that you don’t have to make a maximum bet). Thus, everything depends on the machine chosen.

As it has been already mentioned each time a gambler makes a bet on the progressive slot machine, some definite percentage of that bet goes towards the final jackpot. As a rule, a gamer has to deal with a bit lower payout percentage, but it doesn’t mean that the game is not worth gambling because the prizes are really fantastic. The numbers keep on changing every time a gamer places a bet. Till a lucky gamer hits this jackpot, the total sum of jackpot dollars will grow. To find out how much the jackpot offer, you should look at the display of your progressive slot machine.

It should be pointed out that due to the tremendous popularity of progressive slots the chances of hitting the jackpot are quite narrowed down. However, this fact doesn’t stop hundreds of modern gamblers who spend hours playing with the only hope to win a jackpot. Of course, the game is so popular not only because of jackpots, but also of the entertainment it offers.

Gambling Tips

Like any other casino game, progressive slots can be also played according to some strategy. Generally, the most basic strategy of playing progressive slots says that a player must always bet the maximum number of coins. The point is that in the majority of cases gamblers cannot get the largest jackpot if they haven’t made the maximum bet. Thus, why to take chances if you can simple make that maximum coin bet at once. Gamblers should also keep in mind that there can be nothing done to win that jackpot and all they can do is to believe in their lucky chance. Since all slot games are based on a random number generator, it is impossible to predict when exactly the jackpot will be paid.

Another tip to follow here is the use of the right services. The matter is that nowadays there are too many scam casinos online that cheat gamers. Dealing with such gambling halls you always run the risk not to be able to withdraw your winnings.

The statistic data says that progressive slot machines provide lower payouts in comparison with some other slot machines. That is why usually gamblers do not make a lot of money on them unless they really manage to win the first prize.