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Slots Secrets

Slot machines are full of the slots secrets. They are known to be not less intriguing and interesting than the extraordinary slots myths. However, each player would like to guess the slots secrets in order to win. clubvulcan777

Gambling world would not be so exciting, if it were not full of various slots secrets and myths, facts and legends, etc. While slot myths can be misleading and, thus, dangerous, slot secrets simply can be amusing and entertaining for the gamers, indeed.

Slots secrets are revealed

There are some the most entertaining and witty slots secrets that can be found.

Secret 1

• Slots that are about to repay can be easily spotted.

Frankly speaking, the slot machines that are winning cannot be noticed simply by looking at them. The matter is that even the slots from the slots bank that offer the highest percentages cannot actually guarantee the jackpot. Mind that it is the random number generator that actually defines the winnings, but not the particular machine itself.

Secret 2

• Casinos put loose slots in certain locations.

While there is the fact that there is something about in finding the machine that is considered to be loose in crowded places, for example, near the exits, cashier, etc., however, loose slots are not necessarily found always in the same spots. Casinos constantly move the machines around.

Secret 3

• Machines can be loose or tight on a particular moment notice.

In fact, it is impossible because the casinos are strictly regulated and even theoretically, meanwhile computer chip changing or so, there is still no such a button that magically makes slots tight or loose.

Secret 4

• The longer slot machine does not pay, the sooner it happens.

Again, it is the random number generator that is responsible for money management. It is impossible to predict whether the slots are going to pay or not.

Secret 5

• Hot coin may increase the winning slots chances.

The matter is that each gamer who knows how slot machines work, can guess that the hot coin inserted into the slots cannot warm the gears and loosen the slot machine. Perhaps the most optimistic and creative gamer invented such a strategy.

Secret 6

• The pay offs are the best on the gambling weekends.

Though, some gambling establishments can change the betting schedules in order to accommodate certain players in certain day periods, pay offs are still operated at random.