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Multi Reel Slots

Nowadays there are so many slot games that it may seem a bit confusing to choose the right one. Generally no matter whether it’s a land-based or an online casino you can come across slot games with different themes, jackpots, winning pay-lines, betting limits, payouts and the number of reels. Of course, to choose your game among such a variety of offers you need to understand the basic difference between them.

Probably the main difference to occur is the number of reels used in the slot game. According to that number all slots are subdivided into classic and multi reel slots. Classic slot machines have only three spinning reels and five pay-lines. This type of slot machines has been popular since 1895 when slots were first introduced to the public in California. Now you can classic slots are placed in every casino, bar and pub. The rules of three reel slots are very simple to understand: to win a player needs to gain a winning combination, which are the same symbols on the pay-lines. As a rule, a gambler tries to find at least two identical symbols in the pay-line because such a combination also lets to win.

With the appearance of five spinning reels on the slot machines the era of multi reel slots started. It should be mentioned that multi reels are the second popular after traditional 3 reels slots. The number of pay-lines may differ; typically multi reel slots may have up to 40 or even more pay-lines. In order to win at multi-reel slot games a gambler needs to get a winning combination of the identical symbols on the pay-lines.

Of course, being a multi reel slot doesn’t mean having only five reels as these games may have up to 9 reels and even more. Thus, in the mid- 1900’s the developers of slots introduced their greatest inventions: Big Bertha and Super Big Bertha. These were updated slots that included eight reels with twenty various symbols on each of them. Many years have passed since that inventions but Big Bertha and Super Big Bertha can be still found in some land-based casinos.

If to mention the profitability of modern slot games, multi reel slot machines occupy one of the leading positions in comparison with the variations of the game. Contemporary multi reel slots were developed by experienced casino software providers, so that they could offer every gamer an incredible range of betting options. Thus, even if you are not lucky in hitting your jackpot, you will not get disappointed because there is always the high probability to receive side winnings. Another amazing thing is the betting maximums exceeding one hundred dollars. Of course, such a Max Bet is not recommended for new players as they do not have enough experience and can easily lose.

Every gambler starts playing with the only aim to win; and after a couple of trials on the single line payout slots, they feel like going for the multi reel machine. However, it is not always a good decision to make. The point is that single line machines offer the largest paydays when the multi reel slots provide a bit smaller micro payouts.

If to compare five reel, seven reel and even nine reel slots, multi-reel machines provide different benefits for gamblers, such as multi lines, free play options as well as bonus multipliers.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to the selection of the right slot to play, it is always a personal choice, and everything here depends on your preferences. What is really important here is to play carefully not to lose all the money you have.

Online vs. Land-Based Playing Slots

There is no doubts that only thanks to the recent development of the online casino gambling, modern players have got and opportunity to choose, whether they feel more like playing play multi reel slot games within a land-based casino, or an online gambling hall. Of course, both of these options preserve the advantages for gamblers; and it definitely becomes a matter of some personal preferences and likings where to gamble a favorite slot game.

However, the majority of players choose to play online. It can be explained by a few factors. First of all, it is the comfort to gamble sitting at home. Undoubtedly, practically everyone nowadays has a very tense working schedule and doesn’t have much time to visit casino regularly; and if there is a couple of free minutes there is not always a desire to go somewhere. Second of all, online gambling halls often offer very interesting bonuses. For instance, there is a deposit bonus, which is a special amount of cash added to a deposit made. There is also a no deposit bonus and that is nothing else but some bonus money for becoming a member of an online casino. Another beneficial feature is that the online gambling industry can provide you with a wide variety of choices. Thus, if you for some reason don’t like the casino services provided you can easily change that casino for another one with just one click of your mouse.