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Slot Machine Tips

There are particular slot machine tips that may help the gamblers to get acquainted with all delicacy of the slots gambling. Slot machine tip are known to be universal and working pieces of advice how to play slots.

Slot etiquette

Slot machine etiquette is considered to be the integral part of the safe and most effective slots gambling. Slot etiquette tips include the following most common situations:

  • Coin cup put on seat or handle
  • Multiple machines gambling
  • Cards left at slots
  • Smoking

Thus, each gamer should know how to act in the above mentioned situations in order to spend nice time at slots and not to spoil somebody’s and personal mood, as well.

Apart from the good manners, each slots gambler must get familiarized with the most fabulous and mysterious slots myths.


There are several widely used slots myths that can amuse even the most skeptic gamer, indeed:

  • Some slot machines that have not been won for some long period of time are “due” to pay.
  • After the jackpot is hit slot machines usually turn into “cold.”
  • The winning slot combination can be hit only in the case of betting one coin.
  • The gamers usually win less when they use the club cards.
  • The “jackpot button” can be pushed by operators of the casino to reward the most loyal gamblers.


Alongside various slot myths, slots secrets are known to be not less amusing, no doubt.

  • Slots that are going to repay can be easily spotted by the gamers.
  • Casinos put loose slots in special locations.
  • Slot machines can be tight or loose on a certain moment notice.
  • The longer slots do not pay, the sooner it happens.
  • Hot coins may increase the winning odds.
  • The pay outs are known to be the best on the gambling weekends.

How to win at slots

There are several tips how to win at slots:

1. Realize how slots function

2. Read the pay tables

3. Compare payouts

4. Hit & run

5. Mind the jackpot bonuses

6. Set the budget limits

Slot machine payout

Slot machine payout is known to be another vital issue in slots gaming. Slot payout known as the overall percentage that the slot machine is to return to the player at the end of the game. Usually, slots payouts can vary from the 75 % to 99 % of the general return.

Money management tips

In addition, there are some money management tips that will help the gamers not to let their money go down the drain.

How to avoid scams online

Moreover, with the best guidelines on how to avoid scams online it is possible to avoid a lot of troubles while gambling online.