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Slots Types

There are several slot types and their configurations, however, all of them are subdued to the same working principles and slots secrets. The main slots types are the following:

  • Straight slots
  • Progressive slots

Straight slots are subdivided into the following configurations:

  • Multiplier
  • Bonus multiplier
  • Multiple pay line
  • Buy a pay

Progressive slots are also subdivided into several slots types:

  • Standalone slots
  • Wide area slots

Straight slots types

Straight slots are known to be the slots types that pay the winning combinations in accordance with the payout schedule contained on slot machine. For instance, one lemon can define the 2 coin repayment for each coin inserted, two lemons – for 5 coins, and three – 15.


It is considered to be the straight slots in which the played coin number can multiple the payouts. For example, if the machine repays 5 coins for 3 lemons if only one coin is played, then slots should pay 10 coins for the second extra played coin, 15 – for the third one. There is no advantage of playing with the max coin amount.

Bonus multiplier

The slot machine works the way the ordinary multiplier works, however, the bonus id offered if the max coin amount is played. Such slot type is the best way how to win at slots. The matter is that the payouts on such slot machine can be doubled or even tripled.

Multiple pay line

The line number that is activated directly depends on the number of coins that is played. Thus, for example, 1 played coin may repay only the middle pay line, and if the winning combination hits the line that was not activated, the gamer gets nothing. That is why it is essential to read the slots before playing in order to learn how many pay lines there are.

Buy a pay

It is the most sophisticated slots type. The point is that such slot machines demand the maximum coins to be played in order to win the ultimate prize – hit the jackpot. For example, if playing with 1 or 2 coins that gamer hits jackpot, he actually gets nothing. So, it is wise to be careful with such slots.

Progressive slots types

Slots glossary defines them as the slot machines that have bigger jackpots in comparison with the other. The matter is that progressives offer the jackpots that are accumulated with the help of each played coin. Thus, to win it, it is necessary to bet maximum.

Standalone slots

These are slots that are not connected to the slots network. Instead of having the particular fixed jackpot, such slot machines take percentages of the played coins and add them to the general winning.

Wide area slots

Such machines are linked together. They are the part of the huge progressive network and traditionally offer the life exchange jackpots. Jackpots may be really large in comparison with the other progressive slots.