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Roulette Table Description

Have you ever been into traditional casino? If your answer is positive we are sure you’ve noticed that all games are played at different tables. Maybe you think that this is done to make casino design more convenient and not to mix up different games. In some sort that is true, but the main reason is that all the casino game require different table layouts. Blackjack can be played at special blackjack table, baccarat at table with the layout designed for this game, and roulette requires special table for correct game play. Actually, each of the roulette variations requires special table, as well as special game wheel, as all the game variants differ in number of pockets and their arrangement at the table. Usually you may find these variation at online casinos. You can try most of them for free just by visiting http://www2.williamhill.com/promo-codes/casino-free-bet.html and use the bonus code.

The Table

A roulette table is usually designed and covered with felt with a corner for the dealer. The end of the table is a wheel with the pattern with different numbers. When you look at the table for roulette, you will see 3 columns of numbers. But if it is an American roulette table, there is a 0 and 00 on the top of the columns. If it is European roulette tables, there is only 1 zero and the double 0 is not in use, so there is only one zero pocket at the layout. Above the zero numbers there are all other – pockets numbered from 1 to 36. Here all the inside bets are put.

Outside the Roulette Table

Each roulette table has also space for the outside bets. These bets usually gather some set of numbers, for example, all the numbers which are “red”, or “even” or number from 1 to 18. Special place for this bets is required not to be mixed with other, besides, this is definitely more convenient than putting all the chips at all the pockets, which should be taken by the player who makes the bet.

The Wheel

One more important element of the roulette table is the wheel. Due to roulette wheel (and some effort of the dealer, of course), the results of the gambling may be known. Roulette wheel of each roulette types has the same amount of numbers, as the layout of the game. In this way, American roulette wheel has 38 pockets where the ball can drop, and the European roulette has 37 number of pockets.

Different Roulette Table

Preciously we have told only about American and European roulette games, but there are some more variations which can be found at casinos. One of them is mini roulette. Unlike previously mentioned roulette variants, it has less number of pockets, though the rules of the game remain the same. Still, in this game some of the bets are missed, as the number of pockets cannot allow the high number of bets.

As you can see roulette table design is a little bit complicated. Fortunately you should not learn it in order to place bet, as you just can name it to the dealer, or see the description of each of the bet at online casino you play.