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Why you should be playing at mobile casinos

Online casinos are attracting a huge number of players thanks to the huge range of games that they offer and the technological developments within the industry. However, thanks to the recent increase in smartphone ownership in the last couple of years, mobile is a huge competitor to online casinos, and judging from the latest statistics, it won’t be long before mobile is leaps and bounds head of online casinos.

Online casinos have only been notably popular in the last decade or so, and offer a fantastic alternative to travelling to your local brick and mortar casino. Equally, online casinos offer the buzz of the casino without the distraction of other players, meaning you can focus on your game. Mobile casinos have exactly the same benefits, but are proving to be even better than online.

In the gambling word, it’s always best to jump on the bandwagon, because the more people at a site, the bigger the jackpots are going to be. Mobile casinos offer some of the best games, technology and deals that are on the market due to the fact that the market is booming and they are becoming so competitive with one another.

Which bonus should you bag?

There are absolutely loads of mobile casinos out there, and most of them offer particularly tempting welcome offers for new players. Generally speaking, these deals tend to fall into two categories – deposit offers and no deposit offers. Deposit offers mean you have to put money into the site before you get to take advantage of free bonus or money. No deposit mobile games are better if you’re fairly new to casino games as they give you a chance to test drive the site without actually putting any money into it. The wagering requirements may well be higher, but it’s worth it so you can suss out what games play to your strengths, and which ones are likely to win you the most money.

What else should you keep an eye out for?

Most mobile casinos have loads of games to choose from, with a variety of lines, reels and betting options to suit any player. As a loose rule, the more mobile games the better the site is going to be. However you should keep an eye out for enough variation of games as well as quality before you make the plunge of signing up to a site. All mobile casinos should offer blackjack, roulette, slots and bingo as a minimum, with different variations to accommodate for different types of players.

It’s also a good idea to look for a winner’s feed when having a snoop around a site or app. This way you can see how much players are winning, in what games, and how often. If you don’t see a feed, or you see that the feed is repeating itself, you know it’s a mobile casino to avoid as this could mean that there aren’t enough jackpots being won.

Mobile casinos must also be completely up to date with the latest technology with fresh-looking graphics and excellent sound quality. This is essential as with these technological developments you know that a site is going to continue to offer a great gaming experience and won’t get behind the times. Fortune Frenzy is one of the UK’s leading mobile casinos and is in the process of updating all of its games in high definition graphics. This means that not only will players be able to play the best games out there, but they’ll be able to recreate the buzz of the casino on their mobile phone at their own convenience.

Fortune Frenzy is Spotlight Online Gaming’s first mobile casino, and is going from strength to strength in only its sixth month of launch. The site offers a huge range of games for players, ranging from Blackjack and roulette to a huge range of slots games with new jackpots available as often as every twenty minutes. With such huge giveaways in their prize draws each and every month, players also don’t just have jackpots to play for at Fortune Frenzy. New registrations to the site get £5 free which they can sample all their games with, plus a 100% bonus when they make their first three deposits.